LEGENDARY young teen fashion models CANDYDOLL PART 8.
Check out CANDYDOLL models on their portfolio site.
PART 8 represents folowing models:MilaL, MilaV, MilenaS, MonikaD, NadyaS, NastiaK, NatashaC, NikaV, NinaT, Oksana,OksanaC, OlesyaZ, OlgaS, OlhaD, OlyaY, PionaP, RitaK, SabinaC, SanyaV!

You can find inside over !! 400 GB !! of the most exclusive photo and videosets of CANDYDOLL beatiful young teen fashion models that was filmed over the years!
Portfolio of CANDYDOLL PART 8 contains 193 HQ photo galleries with 13350 images + 186 VIDEO CLIPS!


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